Toyota RAV4 Heated Seats Maintenance, Benefits, and More

Toyota RAV4 Heated Seats Maintenance, Benefits, and More

Heated seats, once a symbol of luxury, are now found in a wide range of vehicles, not just the priciest ones. They’re becoming increasingly common in many car brands and models. Let’s explore the heated seats in the Toyota RAV4.

Optional Heated Seats in Different Models

If you buy a Toyota RAV4, the only model that doesn’t offer heated seats is the basic LE model. The XLE, XLE Premium, Adventure, and TDR Off-Road models all offer front heated seats as part of an optional All-Weather package. This package for the 2021 Toyota RAV4 models is priced at around $1,070.00.

Standard Heated Seats in Toyota RAV4

If you choose the basic LE model of the Toyota RAV4, you won’t have the option of heated seats. But if you opt for the top model, the Toyota RAV4 Limited, you’ll get standard heated seats for the driver and front passenger.

Cool and Ventilated Seats

The RAV4 Adventure, Limited, and TDR Off-Road models offer the option of cool and ventilated seats for the driver and passenger. These options are not available on the LE, XLE, and XLE Limited models.

RAV4’s Second Row Heated Seats

The Limited model of the Toyota RAV4 is the only one where you can get a package that includes heated rear seats. So, if you care about the comfort of your backseat passengers, this is an option. However, you can’t order cool or ventilated seats for the back seats in any model.

Potential Risks of Heated Seats

While it’s uncommon, there are some risks associated with heated seats. They’re a nice feature, but overuse can lead to problems.

Toasted Skin Syndrome is a real condition that can occur if you use your heated seats too much, particularly on high settings and without wearing thick clothes on leather heated seats. You might see your skin turning a bit brown, red, or discolored from the constant use of heated seats. There have also been reports of people getting 3rd-degree burns from seats that heat up too quickly and intensely.

It’s a good practice to initially warm up your seats on high, then switch to a lower setting to avoid accidental burns. You might think you’d notice if you were getting burned, but it’s not always immediate. Consider how often you’ve gotten a sunburn and didn’t realize it until later in the day or the next day.

People with underlying health issues like paralysis or neuropathy should be extra careful when using heated seats; these types of accidents could happen even faster. It’s reported that a faulty heated seat can reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in ten minutes and a maximum of 150+ degrees over time, which is enough time to cause uncomfortable burns. Properly functioning heated seats shouldn’t reach over 95 degrees, but that’s still hot enough to burn you, depending on how your skin reacts to heat.

Aftermarket Heated Seats for Toyota RAV4

If you’re considering this option, it’s crucial not to cut corners. Incorrectly installed heated seats can lead to fires, and the heated seat itself could cause burns.

There are external heated seat options that are simpler to install for beginners. However, if you prefer the heated seat option that fits under the seat fabric like a factory-installed one, it’s best to hire a professional unless you’re confident in your skills.

A professional can ensure your heated seats are installed correctly and safely. They can also recommend the best company for quality and price.

You can expect to pay around $400–$500 per seat for a professionally installed heated seat kit that looks like a factory installation. Prices can vary, and seats with additional features like lumbar support and 8-way adjustments with memory may cost more to install.

Troubleshooting Toyota RAV4 Heated Seat Issues

Connections: If your heated seats stop working, there are a few simple fixes you can try before taking your vehicle to the dealership. Start by checking the connections under the seats. There should be a set of wires connected to a clip that plugs into another clip on the seat.

If this connection is loose, disconnected, or damaged in any way, this could be the issue. If it’s damaged, it’s best to have a professional inspect it. If not, clean the connected ends as much as possible and reconnect them properly. This issue isn’t common, but it can occur if items are frequently stored or discarded under the seats, which can disrupt the connections.

Fuse: A blown fuse can be an easy and inexpensive fix that doesn’t require a dealership visit. Most fuse boxes are easily accessible—under the dashboard or in the glove compartment.

To identify the fuse for the heated seat, refer to your owner’s manual. Once you’ve located the fuse, remove it and check if it’s blown. Most fuses have a transparent section where you can see if the connection is intact. If the connection is broken, the fuse is bad.

Other issues might be more complex, and we don’t recommend tackling these problems yourself. If you don’t think you need the heated seats, they’re not essential, so you can wait until your next service appointment to have them repaired.

Additional Benefits of Toyota RAV4 Heated Seats

Another advantage of using Toyota RAV4 heated seats is their ability to keep your food warm. While heated seats are designed to keep you warm, they can also keep your takeout food warm during a quick trip to the local fast food restaurant or pizzeria. Turn on your passenger-side heated seats to high, and you’ll have a great way to keep your food warm, even on chilly days.

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