Lunar Rock Toyota RAV4 Color, Features and Specifications Overview

Lunar Rock Toyota RAV4 Color, Features and Specifications Overview

Lunar Rock Toyota RAV4 Color, Features and Specifications Overview Considering picking Lunar Rock for your RAV4? This color, Lunar Rock, showed up on the RAV4 a few years ago, and people can’t get enough of it. Whether you’re thinking about joining the Lunar Rock RAV4 fan club or just curious, you’re in the right spot.


Let’s talk about the “Lunar Rock” color. Picture a mix of green and grey. In sunlight, it takes on a silver-green look. The name comes from the rocky and celestial vibes of the moon.

Toyota introduced Lunar Rock in 2019 with the 5th-gen RAV4. They also added it to other popular models like the 4Runner, Tundra, Tacoma TRD Pro, and Sequoia.

Toyota RAV4 Features and Specifications

Before we explore the captivating Lunar Rock, let’s take a moment to appreciate the features that make the Toyota RAV4 a beloved choice among SUV enthusiasts. From its powerful engine to advanced safety features, the RAV4 is designed to deliver a dynamic driving experience. However, one often underestimated element that significantly contributes to the vehicle’s appeal is the color choice.

Color Psychology in Automotive Choices

Color plays a pivotal role in shaping consumer perceptions, and the automotive industry is no exception. The choice of color reflects not only personal preferences but also influences how others perceive the vehicle. Lunar Rock, with its mystique and charm, taps into the psychology of colors, evoking emotions of strength and resilience.


Since its debut in 2019, Lunar Rock has been an option on various RAV4 trims:

  • 2019-2023 RAV4 XLE (Gas & Hybrid)
  • 2019-2023 RAV4 XLE Premium (Gas & Hybrid)
  • 2019-2023 RAV4 Adventure
  • 2020-2021 RAV4 TRD Off-Road Finding a Lunar Rock RAV4, new or used, can be tough.

It’s one of Toyota’s most wanted colors, and with global demand surpassing supply, waiting times for RAV4s, especially in Lunar Rock, are longer than usual.

For used Lunar Rock RAV4s, choices may be limited. Most used ones come in standard colors, making it a bit of a challenge to find the Lunar Rock version.

Even though it might be a challenge, the effort is worth it if you love the color. Here’s why it’s so special.

(Toyota, Frontier Toyota)

Lunar Rock in Different Lighting Conditions

One remarkable characteristic of Lunar Rock is its ability to adapt to various lighting conditions. Whether under the bright sun or the soft glow of streetlights, the color maintains its allure, showcasing different facets of its personality. This versatility ensures that your RAV4 always looks captivating, regardless of the time of day.

Consumer Trends and Lunar Rock

Consumer preferences in the automotive industry are ever-changing, influenced by trends and individualistic expressions. Lunar Rock has emerged as a trendsetter, capturing the imagination of those seeking a departure from the ordinary. Its rising popularity signifies a shift towards bold and unconventional choices.

Customization Options and Lunar Rock

Beyond choosing Lunar Rock as the primary color, Toyota offers additional customization options to let owners infuse their personalities into their RAV4. From wheel designs to interior accents, these options complement Lunar Rock, allowing drivers to create a vehicle that truly reflects their style.

Performance and Lunar Rock

Some enthusiasts may wonder if the choice of color has any impact on the performance of the vehicle. Rest assured, Lunar Rock does not compromise the RAV4’s stellar performance. Whether you’re navigating city streets or venturing off-road, Lunar Rock retains its vibrancy without compromising the SUV’s capabilities.

Maintenance Tips for Lunar Rock

Preserving the beauty of Lunar Rock requires some care. Regular washing and waxing are essential to protect the paint and maintain the color’s vibrancy. Following these simple maintenance tips ensures that your RAV4 continues to turn heads with its Lunar Rock charm.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it—listen to what RAV4 owners have to say about choosing Lunar Rock. From its impact on their daily commute to the admiration it receives from friends and family, these testimonials provide firsthand insights into the satisfaction Lunar Rock brings.

“I never thought a color could make such a difference. Lunar Rock transformed my RAV4 into a style icon on the road!” Sarah, RAV4 Owner

Comparisons with Other Color Options

To help you make an informed decision, let’s compare Lunar Rock with other color options available for the Toyota RAV4. While Lunar Rock excels at making bold statements, we’ll explore how it stacks up against more traditional and subdued choices.


Lunar Rock has become a super popular color in Toyota’s lineup.

People love its fresh take on the typical grey and its cool similarity to the moon’s surface colors.

Toyota gets kudos for breaking away from regular car colors and adding some creativity and diversity to its lineup.

Lunar Rock isn’t overly matte or metallic. It has a subtle vibrance that shines more in bright, natural light.


If you’re eyeing a Lunar Rock RAV4, you’re probably wondering about interior colors.

For the 2023 model year, here are the interior colors for a Lunar Rock RAV4:


  • Ash Fabric
  • Black Fabric
  • Nutmeg Fabric

The Lunar Rock RAV4 XLE comes in three interior colors: black, ash grey, and light yellow-brown. The popular choice is Ash Fabric for its two-tone ash interior.

For a lighter vibe, Nutmeg fabric stands out against the green-grey exterior.


  • Ash Softex
  • Black Softex
  • Nutmeg Softex

The RAV4 XLE Premium in Lunar Rock offers the same interior colors as XLE but with an upgrade to Softex, a spill-resistant synthetic leather.


  • Black Softex
  • Mocha Softex

The Lunar Rock RAV4 Adventure comes in Black Softex and adds another option: Mocha. It’s a mix of dark brown, light grey, and a hint of dark orange.


  • Black Softex

The TRD Off-Road RAV4 in Lunar Rock only comes with one interior option: black.


The Lunar Rock RAV4 is one of Toyota’s top picks for good reasons. The RAV4 is already a popular SUV worldwide, and adding the Lunar Rock exterior makes it even more unique and stylish. This color is currently on four trim levels, but that might change. Finding a Lunar Rock RAV4, whether new or used, can be a bit challenging. There are various trims of Lunar Rock RAV4s on the market, so take your time researching your options. Even though it might take some effort, it’s a good idea to express your interest early with your local dealership or keep an eye on used car websites daily.

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